Oxygen Not Included: Comprehensive Data Bank

Oxygen Not Included: Comprehensive Data Bank

Oxygen Not Included is a survival-based sandbox game developed and published by Klei Entertainment. It is a challenging game that provides players with a unique and immersive experience of managing a colony of duplicants, tiny creatures who are stranded in an asteroid belt. The game is known for its complexity, where players must manage their resources, keep their colony alive, and face various challenges such as temperature regulation, hunger, and illness. Managing your colony’s resources is crucial to the game’s success, and with so many different elements and mechanics to consider, a comprehensive data bank can be a helpful tool for players who want to improve their gameplay skills.

Game Mechanics and Features

Oxygen Not Included offers a rich and complex gameplay experience with several mechanics and features to consider. Players must manage their colony’s resources, including oxygen, food, water, power, and waste. The game also includes various elements such as gases, liquids, and solids that can affect the colony’s environment and the duplicants’ well-being. Players must also manage the temperature of their colony and deal with different temperature zones that can have serious consequences if not handled correctly.

Other features include research and development, which allows players to unlock new technologies and machines to improve their colony’s efficiency. Additionally, players can explore different biomes, which come with their unique challenges and resources. The game also includes a morale system, where duplicants can gain or lose morale based on their living conditions, workloads, and other factors.

Essential Tips and Strategies

To succeed in Oxygen Not Included, players must use several essential tips and strategies. One of the most important things to consider is the colony’s layout. Players must design their base with expansion in mind while also ensuring the duplicants’ basic needs are met. Proper ventilation is crucial, as oxygen levels can significantly affect the colony’s health. Players must also manage their resources efficiently, ensuring they do not run out of essential items such as food, water, and power.

Another vital strategy is to prioritize tasks based on their urgency. Players must assign tasks to duplicants based on their skills and ensure that they do not overwork them. Balancing the workload is essential, as overworked duplicants can suffer from stress and other negative effects. Additionally, players must research and develop new technologies to improve their colony’s efficiency and unlock new resources.

Comprehensive Database of Elements

Oxygen Not Included features several elements that can affect the colony’s environment and duplicants’ well-being. A comprehensive database of these elements can be a helpful tool for players. The game includes various gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, which have different properties and effects. Players must also manage liquids such as water, crude oil, and magma, which can have different temperatures and flow rates.

The database also includes solid elements such as ice, sand, and phosphorite, which players can mine and use for different purposes. Additionally, the game includes several machines and devices, such as water pumps, generators, and heaters, which players can use to manage their resources and improve their colony’s efficiency. A comprehensive database can help players understand how these elements work, their properties, and how to use them effectively.

Guide to Base Building and Management

Building and managing your base is crucial to Oxygen Not Included. A well-designed base can improve the colony’s efficiency and help players overcome various challenges. A guide to base building and management can help players understand how to design their base effectively. Players must consider factors such as ventilation, temperature, and resource management when designing their base.

Additionally, players must ensure that their duplicants have access to essential resources such as food, water, and oxygen. Players must also ensure that their duplicants have adequate living conditions, including bedrooms and recreational areas. A guide to base building and management can help players understand how to manage their resources efficiently, prioritize tasks, and balance their colony’s workload.

Advanced Techniques and Challenges

Oxygen Not Included offers several advanced techniques and challenges that can improve the gameplay experience. These techniques and challenges include automation, where players can use sensors and logic gates to automate tasks and save time. Players can also use advanced techniques such as temperature regulation and gas flow to improve their colony’s efficiency.

Challenges such as asteroid impacts and diseases can also provide players with a more immersive and challenging experience. Players must prepare for these challenges by researching and developing new technologies and ensuring that their base is designed to handle them. A comprehensive database, guides, and tutorials can help players understand these advanced techniques and challenges and improve their gameplay skills.

In conclusion, Oxygen Not Included is a complex and challenging game that offers a unique and immersive experience. A comprehensive data bank, guides, and tutorials can be helpful tools for players who want to improve their gameplay skills. Understanding the game mechanics, essential tips and strategies, elements, base building and management, and advanced techniques and challenges can help players succeed in Oxygen Not Included.

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